Location, Test Batches, and more

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So things have been progressing slower than expected, but moving forward nonetheless.  The single most difficult thing thus far has been securing a location.  We have faced some challenges here and there in regards to finding the right location.  There are so many things to take into consideration, not to mention the length of time spent on negotiations.  We were initially looking at a location where we sent a letter of intent and the landlord decided to respond with a higher price per square foot than the property was listed as.  Let’s just say we will not be moving into that location.  For the past 6 weeks however, we have been negotiating with a new landlord in regards to their property.  I do not want to jinx it but we are in the final stretch with this location and things are looking good.  It has been back and forth for about 6 times on price/deposit/construction/length of lease etc.  Going into this it has been my priority to secure a location for longer than 5 years.  I quickly realized that is not what most landlords in the area prefer.  The majority of landlords are waiting to get their return on investment in their property and realize that the neighborhood is growing with popularity.   With that they hope to also raise the price on their properties and recuperate their money.  I don’t blame them at all, if I were in their shoes it would be very hard for me to speculate what the market price is going to be in 5 or 7 or 10 years.  So to offer a long term lease is something that a lot of folks are not doing.   Not to mention that the majority of businesses going in are mostly retail; restaurants, bars, lounges, galleries, etc.  We, on the other hand, will be primarily manufacturing which makes our margins a little slimmer.  At the moment we will not have food or the great margins that food offers.  However, we are looking forward to having folks come in and enjoy a pint with us at the taproom.  I can’t begin to say how anxious I am to lock down a location and being construction.

On to the beer!  We’ve begun to experiment with different yeast strains on our blonde ale and overall variations of the recipe.  Also, we just brewed 10 days ago a nice Imperial IPA which will round off to about 10ABV and 100+ IBUs.  Along with my friend David, we had the chance to head up to Cigar City and pick up some Apple Brandy barrels to use and experiment with.   In all honesty, we are still tossing ideas back and forth to see what we are going to age in them puppies.  We’ve had ideas of doing a high gravity barley wine, wheat wine or even a sour.  We also have some other recipes that we want to mess around with a little more such as an APA, a brown, an Imperial Stout and a Saison.  In the next couple of months we are expecting to have tastings for everyone to come and enjoy and give us some feedback.  We have talked to a couple of retailers that have been incredibly nice and offered us a red carpet treatment so that we can come in and offer our beers for their patrons.  We will be looking at doing this in several restaurant/bars around the neighborhood (Wynwood) and Miami.   I will keep everybody posted on the dates.  We are aiming for our first one to be Dec 10 for the second Saturday gallery walks.

As we gear up to finalize our funding efforts we are going to be offering potential investors bottles of our beers.  This afternoon I’m actually going to be meeting with our good friends at A+S to discuss our labels, carriers, coasters etc.  I’m really excited to begin working on this.  I want to present to you all something that looks really nice and tastes even better.  Well, until next time.





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  1. Naga Reshi on

    I know what you mean! finding a location to put a brewery is the most challenging task (until you start your permiting!) Great to see you are making progress, I look forward to sampling your beers. best of luck!

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