First Tasting at Wynwood Green 2/26

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This past Sunday was the first time we have poured our beers to the public as small tasters at the Wynwood Green event and it was nothing short of amazing (pics). First, I would like to thank the guys from Wynwood Green for their awesome work and continued support of the local community and for inviting us to be part of this event. We are excited about being part of this community and are thankful to our neighbors for welcoming us with open arms.  Thank you to all the folks that come from outside of the neighborhood to try our beers. I know we had folks from Broward that made the trip down just to try some of our beers; thanks again for taking the trip and hanging out with us for a little while. 

Being that it was the first time serving our brews to the public we learned a lot.  It was very rewarding seeing people very excited about a local brewery coming to Miami.  A lot of folks offered to volunteer their help in exchange for beer.  Some folks were just curious to learn more about beer in general.  While some enjoyed trying the lighter beers, such as La Rubia and Wynwood Pale Ale (WPA), and decided to stay away from the dark ones (Pop’s Porter and La Oscura), others decided to take a chance and try those dark beers they’ve usually stayed away from.   Our biggest surprise was that the Imperial IPA was the fastest to go!  We were expecting the WPA to go first (It finished second).  It was also a surprise to see a lot of people really enjoy such a complex beer as La Oscura. 

We will keep everybody posted on the next tastings and events we plan on participating in.  We will be adding an “Events and Tastings” section to the website that will include a calendar.  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we continue to post more updates. If any of you guys want to post some photos on Facebook or would like them posted on the website please email us and we’ll put them up and give you full credit. I want to thank the folks who have already done so on Facebook! (Marlene and Dee :D) .  We would also love to hear any feedback or comments on the event/beers. 

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Until next time!  Cheers!



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