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I’m happy to announce that after a long search we’ve finally inked our lease and have found a home for our brewery.  I want to thank my good friend Eric Gonzalez at Lombardi Properties for his patience, wisdom and due diligence throughout this process.  We’ve been looking for a home for a quite a while now.  It’s pretty obvious the amount of great hype and publicity that our neighborhood has been receiving in the past twelve months. With that, it doesn’t take a genius to realize, comes higher rental rates and increases in price per square foot.  However, after talking to many landlords, after many negotiations on terms and after having to walk away from several locations, we have place to call home.  From the get-go we were committed to sticking to our budget and realized what we could and what we could not afford.  We had to stay true to ourselves and keep reminding folks that we are a manufacturing facility, not a retail business (although we will have a taproom).

When we started looking for a facility we had our wish list.  Of course, as is the case in any house hunting, we couldn’t satisfy every item on the wish list.  First and foremost, we did our due diligence and called the city to figure out the zoning requirements for the location.  Certain locations close to high pedestrian zones, such as close to NW 2nd AVE or 29th St do not allow for distribution. They do allow for brewpubs and the like. After we narrowed that down, we moved to locations that had over 4,000 sq ft and below 10,000 that had the utilities we required or had access to them (such as enough power, gas, water).   We wanted a large overhead draw door, which ultimately we didn’t get but will have to put in.  We wanted as high ceiling as possible, however, most of the district warehouses ceilings do not reach the 20-22 ft range we were looking for.  So we started looking at equipment alternatives, such as, horizontal tanks.  We found a location with the utilities, has the size (7,000 sq ft) and has a parking lot.  We have about 12-13 ft ceilings, but it’s a column free building that will allow us to expand for the next 5-7 years.

I had the opportunity to meet yesterday with our contractor, engineer, architect and electrician at our location.  They are going to get to work on the drawings and we are aiming at submitting to the city by the end of next month.  We are projecting 3-4 months permitting time with another 3 weeks of construction and then hoping to be open after then.  I’m shooting for a very aggressive November opening.

I’ve had some questions in regards to the beers we will be brewing.  Once we get the location drawings and permitting out of the way, we will begin doing more tastings around town and would appreciate all of your feedback.  We will begin to pick up our brewing and working other test batches.  We are planning of releasing our Blonde (La Rubia) our Porter (Pop’s Porter) and our DIPA (Octopus on the Wall) when we open.  I will begin to be more active on the blog now that there will be more news to report.  Thanks to all you of guys that have supported us at all of our tastings in the past and events we have participated.  If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have gotten this far.  We look forward to serving Miami and all of South Florida soon.




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