Equipment, Plans and Permitting

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Hello everybody. I’ve begun to realize I haven’t been keeping up with the blog as much as I’ve wanted to.  Things have been quite hectic.  Since we signed the lease in June, we have hit the ground running. We have been working with our architects, engineer and contractor to get the drawings on the space and move towards the permitting process, which we are looking at starting this coming week. I’ve made some headway in regards to the federal and state brewer’s permit. It seems that what will take the longest will be the city of Miami. As we get started on this exciting journey (sarcasm stressed!) that is the world of bureaucratic non-sense I will keep you folks updated. We’ve already been warned and given suggestions on several things in regards to our drawings, which have been incredibly helpful.  I’ve also had the chance to speak with several business owners that have warned me and filled my mind with horror stories when dealing with permits.  Either way, we are still aggressive and are working to opening before the year ends.

After we signed the lease I began to really do my homework on all equipment manufacturers.  I had already asked for quotes from numerous manufacturers but I had not pursued any individual one.  After reviewing them all over once again we narrowed our search down to a few.  In keeping with our timeline and budget we narrowed down our list to two companies. We then called references and Jim and I made a trip to Los Angeles to check out the equipment. We were able to visit a working brewery that was installed about 4 months ago by one of the manufacturers at Monkish Brewery in Torrance, CA.  Henry, the owner, was incredibly helpful and a wealth of knowledge in regards to start ups and using the equipment.  Not to mention that his beer was pretty damn good.  After discussing it with Jim and making a couple of changes to the brewhouse and vessels we made the decision to put the deposit. We will be doing a 15bbl two-vessel system. The picture on the post is of their system when it was first installed at the brewery in Torrance.

After the deposit on the brewhouse equipment we moved into the different components such as boiler, chiller, pumps, etc. We’ve decided to get most of these pieces of equipment locally for two reasons, save on shipping if possible, and also have someone locally that can service them should something go bad.

Now that the majority of the equipment has been taken care of we’ve been moving to more of permitting process such as state and federal and taking care of internal administrative work. Also, we’ve been making some improvements to our marketing and promotions and will have some t-shirts and other retail items finished soon that we will put up on the website. We’re also working on a Beer-Dinner pairing to benefit a very important charity for us. I’ll be sure to post the details once we have them. For now we are planning on doing it late September.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been really helpful and everybody who has offered to lend us a hand. I also want to thank the folks who come to help us and participate in the tastings that we’ve had around town. We’ll be having more tastings as we get closer to opening and we’ll put them in the calendar section of the site. Until next time, cheers!


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