So Why Wynwood?

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This is a question that I get all the time in reference to the brewery.  “Why did you guys choose Wynwood to place your brewery out of all the places in Miami?”  “You did it because it’s hot right now, right?”  Well we chose it for several reasons and here they are.

  1. Pure logistics and Accessibility – Wynwood is in a great corridor with access to our potential distributors.  We have access to major highways (I-95, 395, 195, 836).  Not just for the distribution of our products but also for our visitors.  People from out of town and even locals have great ability to reach us. 
  2. Trendy/neighborhood feel –   At the moment Wynwood is trendy and on the way up.  My wife and I actually lived in Wynwood and experienced everything first hand.  We are fortunate to have pioneers such as Panther, Lesters, Jimmy’z, Morgans, Joey’s etc. that have settled here and thrived.  We would like to continue this trend of great businesses that look to create a neighborhood feel that is unlike any other in Miami.  Most of the proprietors that I have met are nothing but kind, regular folks, that have been willing to share their knowledge and lend a hand in anything that we need.  Yes, Wynwood is trendy. No, this is not a primary reason we chose it as our home.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for us, but we knew from the get-go we weren’t going to be right on NW 2nd Ave because of our zoning.  We are a manufacturing facility, not a restaurant, so we want to create something that will allow us to contribute to the neighborhood and Miami as a whole.  We don’t want to just ride the wave, we want to help create a bigger, larger wave for us and our neighbors.  Overall, our first priority was to be in the city of Miami.  We initially looked at several other areas including downtown and even Coconut Grove.  Finally, we settled on Wynwood.
  3. Price –  Let’s be honest, we are running a business.  As a manufacturing business our margins are slim and quite cash intensive.  That being said, we had to find a place that was large enough for us to start and at the right price.  Hence the reason it took us close to a year to find the right location.  There’s a limited amount of space for our zoning, and our requirements as far as size, height and price.  Finally we settled for a space that is 7,000 sq feet and three blocks away from the “Cafe District” on NW 2nd Ave.    Because Wynwood is on the way up as far as development and notoriety, so are the prices.  However, we were able to find a smart, savvy investor that believes in what we are doing and is willing to work with us.
  4. Vision –  I’ve had the opportunity to speak with several proprietors, investors, land owners, and talk to them about their vision of Wynwood.  And it’s an exciting one.  Yes it’s trendy right now, but it’s more than that.  There is a void for a chill, pedestrian, urban neighborhood feel here in Miami.  It’s not just about chain restaurants and large corporations or another over the top Irish Pub, but about home grown businesses like the Armory Studios, Panther Coffee, Lester’s, Wynwood Cigars, Wood Tavern and events like Wynwood Green.  It’s about art, culture, a totally different mindset and most importantly it’s about people.  It’s about people helping people.  Folks looking to help one another push their products/services and making an honest living.  It’s about collaborations and sharing of knowledge.  It’s about a community and it’s pretty exciting.
  5. Personal/History – Wynwood used to be known as “El Barrio” and was a Puerto Rican neighborhood.  To this day, there are many Puerto Rican families that live there.  I’m Puerto Rican, and for me it made sense to put a business and help uplift this neighborhood and provide jobs.  To this day you see signs of Puerto Rican heritage;  Jose De Diego school, the mosiac tiles on the sidewalks up NW 2nd ave between 29th and 36th St.  So it has some sentimental value for me.  It’s also exciting having fellow Puerto Ricans such as Chef Jimmy Carey, the owner of Jimmy’z Wynwood, around that share that same feeling.  This is a family business.  We are all in on this brewery and neighborhood.  So we felt it made sense for us, a no brainer.

So these are our reasons.  I, we, our team and my family, are excited and anxious to serve and be part of this community.  So Cheers to our Neighborhood!



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