Bx3 Event and Jim’s Homecoming

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Two weekends ago we had the absolute pleasure of taking part of a great event to benefit a great cause.  We served seven of our beers to folks as they ate great food prepared by our friends at Estancia Culinaria, listened to great music from our new friends Event Factor and lounged on some great antique furniture from the great folks at Unearthed Vintage.  I’m happy to announce that with these excellent individuals, not to exclude my great friends at A+S Ideas Studios, we were able to raise over twelve thousand dollars to go towards a charity that will go next week and expand a grade school and paint a mural in the town of Jinotega, Nicaragua.  Needless to say the event was a great success.  Another exciting part for us here at WBC is that this was the first event in which our brewer, Jim, was able to take part it.  We are excited to have Jim as part of our team and welcome him to Miami.

These past two weeks have been busy as we hopped from meeting to meeting, not just introducing Jim to the folks who we work with, but meetings to continue to push the project forward.  As of right now we are gearing up to receive our building permits so we can begin construction at the end of this month if not the beginning of the following month.  We are due to start receiving our different pieces of equipment start on Monday, which is when we are expecting our boiler that will fire up our brewhouse.  In the meantime, we’ve been working on all other pieces of equipment that we still need such as kegs, pumps, mills, lab equipment and our raw materials.  One of the things we will have to purchase this week is going to be a forklift, so if anyone has any suggestions on where we can find a nice, affordable forklift we are all ears.

This past week we also had a chance to brew a 5 gallon batch of an all wet single hopped pale ale Jim and I. This gave us the opportunity to get to know each other as we brewed and I have to say it was pretty fun and the smells coming out of the kettle were very nice. It was also the first time we brewed at our brewery location. This made us realize we will need some very nice ventilation, man was the heat killer.

Luis & Jim

As mentioned earlier, we are excited to have Jim part of the brewery and if you see him around Wynwood with his white beard be sure to say hi!  By the way, we’ll be showcasing this beer at an upcoming event in Miami.  Also, we’ll be working in the next two months on fine tuning our three year round releases, those being La Rubia, Pop’s Porter and Wynwood IPA.  For those Octopus on the Wall fans fear not, as we will be releasing the beer as well just a few months after we are open.  It does take some time for it to be ready.

We’ll keep posting more updates as things begin to pick up.  In the meantime feel free to check out our Facebook page or twitter.  Cheers!



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