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Things have been quiet on the blog for a number a months, but I promise it’s not out of a lack of progress.  Things have been quite busy for us.  I will try and briefly update on everything that’s been happening without too many details.  Late last year we had a number of obstacles to overcome internally, others with certain governmental agencies and then it was the holidays.  Things dragged on for the latter part of 2012.  Needless to say, we are now at the point where we are very much delayed.  Due to the delay we are now slightly over budget.  I’m so glad that when we started planning the brewery we made provisions for such delays.

The good news is that we are on track to finalizing the permitting process.  It’s been an extensive one, but that discussion is for another time.  We just received our approval for our Brewer’s Notice from the TTB this morning.  We now have to submit our formulas and Labels for approvals. We then have to submit our approvals to the State once we complete everything with the City of Miami.  Also, our equipment landed in Miami last month and we are eager to install it.  We’ve purchased a number of used kegs and already have them at the brewery.  It’s starting to look like a brewery.  We’ve been working with our friends from Spine 3D (also of Most Wanted Brewing) to design our taproom. We have a few renderings to share with you guys.  Keep in mind these are preliminary renderings and it may not look exactly like this, but this is what we are going for.  Would love some feedback.

Tap Room rendering #1
Tap Room rendering #2

We are working towards a June opening, should the final inspections go well.   At that time we will be distributing our beers out to the market.  We’ve made the decision and signed with Brown Distributing as our distributor for South Florida.  Starting this month we will begin to be more active and doing more events.  We have been so concentrated on getting up and going that we haven’t had the opportunity to share a beer with you folks.  However, that will all change.  We started posting events on our Tasting and Events section of the website and will continue to add more as we begin to get with folks around town to do tastings.

In addition, we have been working on our labels and taphadles.  We’ll be sharing with you folks what we have once we get these finalized in the next few weeks.  We’ve also made a slight adjustment to our logo, if you haven’t noticed.  We’ve decided to make the “Miami” font larger.  We really want people to realize that Miami is more than just South Beach.  It’s more than just the Orange, Turquoise and Art Deco.  These are things that you will very rarely, if at all, see in our branding.  We really want to bring out the industrial, blue-collar, crafty, street feeling in our branding.  Our craft and art is beer, and we look forward to sharing it to our community.  Here’s the new logo:

WBCo new logo

Until next time, Cheers!






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