Continued Construction, events, and news

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So it’s been two weeks since my last post and I’m happy to say that a lot has happened.  We’ve finally received our master permit from the city of Miami.  With this permit we can continue and finalize construction.

A little history on how and why we started construction early.  The city of Miami offers the opportunity for businesses to go the Phase Permit or Private provider route while the plans are going through the monster that is the permitting process and attaining the Master Permit.  It’s quite simple, you sign an affidavit stating that any and all construction is your responsibility should the plans be completely off and when inspection time comes you have to rip it all up and restart it.  You pay a fee and a few small other things and boom you have a Phase Permit and can begin construction.  You can even have a private engineering firm, approved by the city, review your plans and do your inspections all the way until the end.  However, because it is private firm doing all these things cost a little more that you would have to if you were going through the city.  You could eventually, though, get started earlier and finish construction sooner.  The price may be steep; you do have to come out of pocket per inspection and each different inspection is a separate cost.  For instance, one visit for plumbing is one cost.  That same inspector can look at the electrical but that’s another charge.  Should you fail inspection and have to fix something, you will have to pay another fee for them to come out once again.  It does add up.  So what we did was go the phase permit route, have our contractor begin demolition, and rough construction (framing, plumbing and electric) and then wait for the master permit in order to call out our inspections.  The private provider is an excellent route and option that the City of Miami provides.   I wish we had found this out earlier so we could have budgeted accordingly for it.  If you can afford the upfront costs, you will save money in the long run because it will get you open sooner.  Save a couple of months, at least.

As of this week, we are finalizing our construction and well on our way.  The last hurdle we have to jump is getting through final inspections.  Once we get that completed we’ll be allowed to brew and will announce a grand opening date.

During these past two weeks we’ve also been brewing, well, Naga’s been brewing. He’s brewed up some variations of a pale ale, IPA, and some one-offs that we are planning on doing once we are open.  We’ll be pouring some of our batches at the World of Beer – Midtown Grand Opening.   We’ll also be doing more smaller events and will announce them once we finalize the date, times and locations as well as what beers will be served.   So keep an eye out on Facebook and our Events page of the website.

Also, we had an amazing time this past week at the Veritage Miami event at the Wynwood Walls.  It was great to see a lot of people come out and support a great cause, enjoy great wall art and drink great beers.  The location couldn’t have been better.  It was an excellent event in the neighborhood.  It was also exciting to see the local craft beer scene being represented.  It’s getting really exciting and I’m ecstatic about what’s in store for Miami, but that’s for another post.  Until next time! Cheers!


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  1. Lazaro Juarez on

    I’m extremely happy for you guys! BTW, great blog posts, I’m a passionate beer aficionado and can feel your passion in your posts. It’s good to see that you aren’t here just for the quick buck, but rather to make an impression on our local craft beer scene. Cheer!

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