The Full Pint: Wynwood Brewing Company Expands Distribution

(Miami, FL)– “Handmade in Miami” is the slogan and mantra of the Wynwood Brewing Company (WBCo) and that is because – since opening two months ago – it is the City of Miami’s first production microbrewery and its brews are being enjoyed by the South Florida public. Recently WBCo’s founder – Luis Brignoni – announced that, since starting distribution eight weeks ago, the WBCo’s brews can now be found in more than one hundred (100) establishments in the South Florida area – from Fort Myers to Homestead.

The mild obsession and passion of Luis Brignoni – with the help of an excellent crew including his father Luis “Pops” Brignoni, Sr. and Nik Mebane, WBCo’s Brewmaster – to create excellent Miami beer has come to fruition with three year-rounds: La Rubia (blond ale), the Wynwood IPA, and Pop’s Porter; and also a great variety of seasonal brews including a Lupulado, and an Imperial Stout.



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