About Us


Our mission is simple: create the best possible brews for our patrons to enjoy.  We are committed to making great bold beers that have character and are uniquely Wynwood.

Simply said, to create a work of art in every glass.

We are committed to creating a strong community by supporting our local partners and neighbors as well as local charities in the neighborhood of Wynwood.

Why Wynwood?

Our beloved neighborhood is known as the Wynwood Arts District.  We are located just north of downtown Miami in an area that was traditionally a garment factory district.  In addition, Wynwood is also known as the Puerto Rican Barrio due to the settlement of large Puerto Rican families during the 70’s and 80’s.  After the garment factories left the area many of the warehouses were abandoned and were littered with graffiti.  Starting in the early 2000’s many artists began to paint remarkable pieces.  Since then, we’ve seen galleries and some of the worlds best street artists paint phenomenal murals.  Everyday you see someone with a spray paint can in hand ready to create a work of art.  It’s truly a magnificent neighborhood to be a part of. 

We decided to come to Wynwood for several reasons.  We are truly passionate about our craft and felt that aligning ourselves with such a neighborhood would let folks know that this is very much a craft beer.  Every beer is brewed with love and passion to ultimately create a work of art in every glass.  In addition this is a family owned company, a Puerto Rican family.  As a family we felt we needed to come to this neighborhood and help create jobs to the local folks and support our community.

OuWBCo tap handlesr tap handles

We had a local wood turner create our tap handles for us.  We then decided to place decals on the tap handles to distinguish each brand. 

If you are wondering why a spray paint can, please refer to the “Why Wynwood?” section.