Meet The Team

Luis G. Brignoni, Founder

Luis G. Brignoni, Founder

Luis started brewing back in college.  After having a serious discussion with his liver and taste buds, he realized that the fizzy yellow beers he was drinking were no bueno.  He started trying new beers and finally discovered craft beers back in 2005.  Needless to say, he was hooked.  However, as any other broke college student, he couldn’t afford the delicious suds.  Hence, he started to homebrew with his roomate as a way to save money and have good brews.  From there it grew into a passion and inevitably, brought his dad out of retirement to start the brewery.  After spending a few years with a company he helped establish while in college and after a few years in the corporate world, Luis decided it was time to establish a brewery in Miami.  Besides beer, Luis enjoys playing basketball, grilling meats in open fire and spending time with his little boy and beautiful wife.

Luis C. Brignoni, Co-founder & Official Quality Manager

Luis C. Brignoni, Co-founder & Official Quality Manager

After spending 6 years in retirement Luis Sr. is ready for his new challenge.  That is, to work with Jr. to get this brewery up and running.  Pops, as he’s known, spent over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing.  After spending a lifetime in that industry, he finds it refreshing how great it is to work in the craft beer community.  Besides working on the brewery, Pops enjoys spending time with his grand kids, watching Duck Dynasty, and taste testing all the test batches that Luis, Nik and David brew.  He looks forward to WBC releasing their Porter that has been crowned “Pop’s Porter” because he loves that S___t!

The problem with the world is that everyone is a few beers behind

Nik Mebane, Brewmaster

Nik Mebane, Brewmaster

Nik is an 11 year veteran in the brewing industry. Starting at Otto’s Brewpub in State College, PA, Nik worked his way up to Head Brewer. At Otto’s Nik helped expand a brewery from 700 barrels per year to over 4,000 barrels per year of production. He’s had great experience with packaging and barrel aging, an art he looks forward to establishing at Wynwood Brewing. After 10 years at Otto’s, Nik made the decision to move to South Florida and work in the fast growing craft beer scene. He worked for six months with Gordon Beirsch in Brickell before joining the team at Wynwood. Nik looks forward to providing consistency in the brews and adding to the core lineup.

When Nik’s not brewing or sharing his knowledge with the rest of the family at Wynwood, you can find him out on the beach surfing or paddle boarding.

David X. Rodriguez, Cellarman/Assistant Brewer

David X. Rodriguez, Missionary of Beer

David is the cellar man at Wynwood Brewing Company. He’s been home brewing since 2007 and co-founded B.R.E.W. FIU with Matt Weintraub and Nick Armada. Prior to Wynwood, David managed tasting room operations for Schnebly Winery & Brewery and later on was a salesman in the cigar industry. He enjoys fishing, spending time with his daughters, and dank hops.

Never trust a brewer without a beard

Mike Kent

Mike Kent, Asst. Cellarperson & Packaging Ninja

Homebrewing 1 gallon batches on a tiny stow is where Mike found his passion for beer.  After spending four years at school in Pennsylvania while also working as a catering supervisor, mike decided to return to Miami to pursue a career in brewing.  Not knowing exactly where to start, he came to the brewery looking for guidance and started volunteering the next day.  Mike has been volunteering in his off time for over two months, he is now part of the Wynwood Brewing family.  In his spare time, Mike enjoys hitting the links or fishing

The four keys to happiness are malt, hops, water and yeast.


Vincent Morenza, Asst. Brewer/Cellar

Vincent is the bastard son of the evil ruler of the multiverse. His current parents had caught wind that Vincent was set to be executed and decided to save him knowing he would be an important person in our current universe. They contacted Otto von Schirach and utilized the powers of the Bermuda triangle to open a portal to the multiverse. Then they joined forces with the members of Telekinetic Walrus to fight off the rulers forces and save Vincent from eminent death and brought him back through the portal. They raised Vincent in Miami, Vincent then joined the Coast Guard where he served for 6 years. The first 3 years he was stationed aboard the 270’ Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma (WMEC-908) located in Portsmouth, NH then went to Damage control school after school moved to Astoria, OR and was stationed on the 225’ buoy tender Coast Guard Cutter Fir (WLB-213). There he became a member of the Fort George Brewery Mug Club. Falling in love with craft beer he got out of the Coast Guard and moved to Miami. He trained himself using YouTube videos and started making beer himself. He met Rafaela Montanaro, one of the best pole dancers in the world, who said she would only be his friend if he actually worked at a brewery so he started volunteering at Wynwood Brewing Co. and pretended to actually have a job there until he was hired. Yes this is the Vincent that helped in the Fourth of July dinner key boat tragedy. When he is not working at the brewery he can be found at Haulover beach getting rid of tan lines, on a boat fishing, or enjoying a mixed drink in a classy establishment.

There is nothing better then sitting on a nude beach with a well made beer