Series, Seasonals & Limited Edition

We brew a variety of seasonal and limited offerings including hoppy, Belgian, German and American inspired ales and lagers at our Taproom in Miami. This includes our Barrel Aged, Experimental and Origins series which we brew with a local name and history.  Our mission is to use names of historical figures, buildings, and landmarks that we may use every day in Miami yet do not realize their significance to our heritage. 

The calendar below outlines our release schedule for beers which will be distributed to craft beer establishments throughout 2018. We are also continually innovating, brewing small batch and one-off beers (not listed on this calendar) at our brewery in Miami. Our taproom, where you can try these unique offerings, serves as our home and laboratory where our brewers can experiment with new styles, ingredients and flavor combinations to share with our loyal patrons. For an up-to-date list of offerings at our taproom please visit our tap list.